Backbone.Safe - Local Storage Plugin for Backbone.js

October 03, 2012

This is a short post/link for Backbone.Safe - a new open source plugin for Backbone.js.

Backbone.Safe lets you save Backbone’s models and collection to the local storage with an ease.

Check out how to.

All you have to do is just using ‘set’ for Models, and ‘add’/‘reset’ actions for Collections.

Backbone.Safe actually listens to ‘change’ events, as well as ‘add’ & ‘reset’ events in Collections, and acts upon it.

A unique name has to be given to each model and a collection so storage won’t be override by each other. Moreover, Backbone.Safe knows to reload data from the cache with initialization - so it will actually populate the Model or the Collection.

Bcakbone.Safe is an open source project hosted on Github - so you can fork it, suggest new features and contribute your voice to its development process.

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