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Written by Oren Farhi, Senior Front End Engineer & Javascript Consultant, follow me on

Backbone & Angry Birds in London

October 21, 2012

I returned home about two weeks ago from Appsworld conference in London. I gave my known talk about developing javascript based application with Backbone.js, Require.js - incorporating the Angry Birds game as a Demo.

This is a summary of my talk and my experience.

After talking with a friend, he introduced me to one of Appsworld organizers who looked for speakers for html5 track. AppsWorld has been twice in the past - focusing on mobile development as well as desktop development.

I gave talks in the past, in Hebrew only. I was then given the challenge to stand in front a worldwide audience, speaking of my passion, in a language I feel comfortable with - but never gave a 30 minutes professional talk with. Being honest, breaking the barrier of speaking in front of an audience was quite hard for me - and lots in favor of my current working place, Tikal, and specificaly, Tikal’s Knowledge CEO - Lior Kanfi. So - I saw this opportunity of speaking in front of an audience in English a great challenge and a great experience that I can benefit from - both Professionally and Personally.

The HTML5 Track focused on the new era of developing web applications - featuring HTML5 vs native apps debate and HTML5 related case studies.

My talk, Object Orient Javascript & Javascript Architecture - focused on developing javascript based web applications with Backbone.js & Require.js. Demos for this talk show angry birds thrown around to demonstrate the concept of this talk.

I was quite nervous and excited during the break that was before my lecture. On the days before the lecture, I practiced the things I was about to say, and just from time to time, practicing it on the subway, whenever I sat to eat something and whenever I had time to practice.

I started my talk a bit excited, focusing on talking about my passion, my daily doings - developing and organizing javascript code and applications. On a retrospective, I spoke fluently and clear even though I felt like i was missing something. Time ran out pretty quick and skipped few slides and was happy to get to the final summary - which is one of the most important slide. Overall, It was a great experience. I was happy to see people that agreed with on the audience as well as some people laughing and enjoying the funny parts of my talk.

I got a great and positive feedback - both for the subject of my talk, as well as for the clear and fluent English.

I managed to record my talk on video so - the talk is available on youtube.

Oren Farhi

Written by Oren Farhi, Senior Front End Engineer & Javascript Consultant, follow me on

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