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November 30, 2016

Orizen’s Angular Articles Series

This page includes the full series of high quality articles on working with Angular published in Orizen’s blog.

This series is kept updated with new articles that are published here.

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Angular (2, 4, 5 and above) Article Series

Ngrx, Scrolling Into DOM Elements & Components Communication

scroll post My open source app, Echoes Player, allows to consume and create a "now" playlist - where you can queue media

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Upgrading to Angular 5: Using HttpClient, JSONP with parameters

typeahead 300x225 Angular released version 5 - deprecating the old http module "@angular/http" with the replacement of "@angular/common/http". Along with the http

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Decluttering Angular Components: The Proxy Pattern

IMG 20170813 124752 01 300x225

I like to write clear and maintainable code. To be honest - sometimes I just don’t. However, I always look

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Reusing ngrx/effects in Angular (communicating between reducers)

After upgrading my open source project, “Echoes Player”, to work with the latest stable angular-cli 1.0 version (wrote an article

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Guidelines For developing with Angular, ngrx/store, ngrx/effects & AOT

With angular-cli tool entering RC-1, I decided to start migrating my open source project “Echoes Player” from angular class boilerplate.

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Lessons Learned from Creating A Typeahead With RxJs And Angular

Following recent articles on development of Echoes Player, my open source media player built with Angular, I really wanted to

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Simple Action Creators for ngrx/store in Angular (2+)

action creator 300x224

In the development of Echoes Player (ng2 version),  I’m using ngrx/store for state management and ngrx/effects for logics with side effects.

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Stepping Into The Next Level With RxJs In Angular (2+)

rxjs 300x224

Since I started developing the new version of Echoes with Angular (+2), I was vey interested in taking advantage of

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Angular (2+): From Services To Reactive Effects With Ngrx/Effects

ngrxeffect2 300x224

In a former article, I wrote an introduction for integrating ngrx/effects with Angular (+2) - a functional approach for reacting to

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Angular 2 Final Version Is Live - Resource: Start With Ngrx Tools

ng2final 300x224

It’s official - Angular version 2.0.0 is live. It’s been a long ride until the official announcement, and so until then,

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Angular (2+), Ngrx/Store & Ngrx/Effects - Intro To Functional Approach For A Chain Of Actions

ngrxeffect 300x224

The Ngrx projects adds functional approach to various interesting architectural implementations. I wrote about my experience with storing data using

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Angular (2+) NgZone Intro - The new “scope.apply”

ngzone 300x225

Adding youtube player and google sign-in features to the echoes player version that I started developed with Angular (+2) was

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Angular (2+) - Communication Between Components & Components Design

commucompo 300x224

In the last article, I added the ability to play a media in Echoes Player. I introduced a new reducer

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Adding Redux with NgRx/store to Angular (2+) - Part 2 (Testing Reducers)

ngrxpart2 300x225

In my recent article about adding redux with ngrx/store to angular2, I showed a nice example of integrating this awesome

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Angular (2+) & NgRx/store: The NgModel In Between Use Case (from Angular 1)

ngmodel 300x225

In the recent article, I integrated ngrx/store as a redux implementation to Echoes Player. Until this article, the search was

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Adding Redux with NgRx/Store to Angular (2+) - Part 1

reducer 300x225

The recent trend in state management has rise thanks to the popular library - Redux. I was very interested in

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Angular (2+): Attribute @Directive() & Creating An Infinite Scroll Directive

scroll 300x222

In the recent article, I used the new “ng-repeat” in Angular (+2), “NgFor”, and created component that consumes other custom component. In

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From Angular 1.x ng-repeat to Angular (2+) NgFor with Component

ng2for 300x225

In the recent article, I wrote about the migration process of a component that is based on AngularJS.x and ES2015. Since

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Migrating A Component To Angular (2+): From Angular 1.x & Es2015

ng1ng2migrate 300x222

Following Echoes Player article series about angular & ES2015, I decided to develop this project with angular2. I intend to write

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From Angular ES5 Directive To Angular ES2015 Component (ES6)

now playlist 300x225

Recently, I started refactoring Echoes Player, my open source project, from angular ES5 to AngularJS with ES2015 (former ES6). I’m following

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Angular (2+): To Typescript or To ES5?

toTypeEs5 300x225

…that is the question. Aside from migrating AngularJS.x code to Angular (+2) using few steps, i’ve been playing around with Angular

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3 More Steps To Prepare Your Angular 1 Code To Angular (2+)

ng2 300x222

Angular (+2) Beta has been released just a few days ago. The most significant announcement with this beta is that the

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5 Steps To Prepare Your Angular 1.x Code To Angular (2+)

es2015ng 300x225

I’ve been playing around with Angular (+2) (alpha v 0.46 now) lately. At first, it seemed strange and totally different

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