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Update for Notepad++ Color Theme – “Bespin” inspired

Not recently, in an earlier post, i’ve released a notepad++ color theme – “Bespin” – inspired by Mozilla’s Bespin project.

This is an update for this theme – fixed for notepad’s version 5.6.1 .

The fixes include:

  • Actionscript bespin color syntax.
  • Brace match highlight fix.
  • Tag match highlight fix.
  • All languages are now sorted by A-Z – so in Styler Configurator sub-menu under the Settings, the languages will be displayed in the alphabet order.
  • Global styles have been sorted – while keeping the Global override style on top.

This is how it looks like:

You can download the new notepad’s Bespin theme for notepad++ code editor here:
Download Bespin-Theme-For-Notepad++

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