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Plunker – online web snippets

Plunker is another “jsfiddle” competitor.

Why you should try it?

  1. it’s editor has a cool elegant design
  2. is uses – ACE/Cloud9 as its code editor (based on mozilla’s bespin open source project).
  3. its uses twitter’s bootstrap for css.
  4. it has built-in boilerplates for starting your own “plunker” such as – backbone, angular, bootstrap etc.
  5. it has a live preview pane which shows the review of the code
  6. it also has a nice restful api for developers
  • Geoff (creator)

    You can also find the work-in-progress on a ground-up rewrite at http://plnkr.co/edit/

  • Hi Geoff.
    The upcoming version looks pretty good. Thanks for updating.