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Orizens.com supports Google Chrome new meta feature for Internet Explorer browser

Just a few days ago, the google chrome team has dropped us, web developers, with a new nice add-on to the websites we develop.
For most of the websites, html is the language to be used. It’s current version is 4 and is quite old. Lately, there have been a bug buzz on moving to html5 or at least achieving some progress towards its release and support in todays modern browsers.

Currently – Chrome, Firefox (and maybe some others non-IE browsers) supports the new HTML-5 features – which gives some great nice support for a wide variety of needs for the likes of web application and other purpose-oriented websites.

A little twist on to Internet Explorer and todays Browsers War

We all know the pain in customizing our projects to work cross-browsers and about Internet Explorer to still consume about 65% of the market.
To be honest – Internet Explorer (IE) is not the best browser for many but still – 65% of the internet users is a lot – thus, we have to support it. What is wrong? well, because the various browsers works with different technologies, our projects (websites) works faster/slower on each browser.

Back To Google Chrome and the new google chrome frame

So, HTML-5 is supposed to be the new canvas to draw our websites at. We have our idea, implementation, pages, scripts – what about the 65%?

It is well known today that chrome is one of the fastest browsers – if not the fastest.
To tell you the truth – when you are getting used to use a certain software – it’s very hard to transform to another one. One good example is my father. He is used to be surfing with Explorer. I installed Chrome for him – but like Jeff Martin says in one of his live cd’s: “It’s hard to teach an old dog new tricks”. And what if i want my father to used a cool new web application that uses html-5 and this application is simply just for him???
That’s where the new google chrome frame plug goes in.
All you need is:

  1. Google Chrome installed
  2. The Frame plug in installed
  3. use ONE (1!!) single html line:

Orizens.com is already working with this new experiment – if you’ve got chrome installed on your machine, (I know it’s hard…still…), install google chrome frame plugin from here, open your explorer and surf to orizens.com.
The result: testing and experimenting HTML-5 features in explorer through Chrome’s engine.

Happy surfing.