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Notepad++ & Function List for Object Oriented Javascript

Well, it’s no secret that I use Notepad++ as an IDE for almost all web development works that I do. To customize notepad++ I created a Bespin color theme for it.
Now, I would like represent Function List plugin for notepad++. This plugin, with the right defined rules, can display a tree view like of available functions in almost any language. I went a bit further. What about object oriented javascript?
Oop javascript includes objects with properites and methods (much like java, php, dot.net etc). I wanted to achieve an eclipse like style of displaying my objects complete with methods. Now, the Function List plugin can be customized so a user can add rules in regular expression which will “extract” the desired text from the document.

The rules I created for object oriented javascript, are based on the prototype approach of building a javascript object:

You can add these rules in 2 ways. One way is adding it through the user interface of Function List plugin. The other way, which I recommend for this purpose is to add it manually to FunctionListRules.xml.

The Rules:

Look for the string <Language name=”Javascript” and replace the whole xml node with this one. Also, please point your icons file to the right path.

Save the file and restart notepad++ (close it and then open it again).

That’s it – you have function list rules for object oriented javascript.

  • Merlin_el

    Hi Oren, can you share also functions Icons.

  • Hi Merlin_el.
    I attached the icons image (it’s a bmp file).
    I placed it in ‘plugins/Config’ directory and configured it as shown in the in the attached “how-to.png”.

  • Pete Siviter

    Hi Oren, All working fine, in windows 7 people should look under %appdata%Notepad++pluginsconfig for the FunctionListRules.xml file.  I too am having problems with the icons,  I’ve looked for the bmp file and I can’t see it anywhere on this page?

  • Hi Pete.
    I attached the icons.bmp in another comment on the blog post’s page (a reply to Merlin_el).
    click the image to save as a bmp file to your computer.

  • samuel

    some error, can you help to fix it?

  • Erki

    It seemed than Disqus was bloqued by Opera’s Ghostery, so I repost my comment :
    Hello Oren,
    I’m a Javascript developper using Notepad++ too. I searched a good JS structure analyzer (I’m using Sourcecookifier) but can’t find a very good one.
    Your script looks nice but I can’t apply it : it crashed Notepad++.

    Can you post a zip containing the script and the pictures ?
    Thank you

  • Hi.
    Nowadays I use sublime text.

  • Erki

    Ok, too bad.
    I’ve tried Sublime Text but i cannot find a structure analyzer (always for JS). Do you use a plugin on it ?

  • sublime supports parsing language symbols – using ctrl + r (cmd) or ctrl + shift + r – will give a list of all registered named functions.

  • Erki

    Yes, but i see two problems : the structure isn’t displayed all the time (the window is not moveable) and all functions are mixed in the window, no hierarchical tree according to objects.

    So I insist for your complete XML file for Notepad++ that can do that.

  • zippie

    Hi Oren,

    Looks great!

    Do you have it for the newer versions of the notepad++. I have functionList.xml, not FunctionListRules.xml, where the job is done by different tag logic, i.e.

    <parser id="js_function" displayName="Javascript" …
    instead of:
    <Language name="Javascript" …


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