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Google Chrome UP breadcrumbs bookmarklet [bookmarklet]

Hello to all google chrome fans.
When I used to use explorer (windows explorer for my computer’s files) as a file manager to explore my computer / my documents (and so on…), I liked the option of the “Up” button – which was simply goes up to the parent folder of wherever I was located at the moment. It’s a quick snd short way of exploring the computer and moving between folders and their parents for doing all kind of operations on files (as for today – for files manager – I use the excellent NexusFile – for which i create free themes as well).

When I surfed the internet, I noticed that there’s no “Up” button in the browser I was using (way back – explorer). Switching to Firefox browser from Mozilla, I discovered the excellent uppity extension and off course if you use google toolbar – it is a built-in feature.
In my opinion it’s a very useful feature for exploring various sites which has this kind of navigation. Off course, there’s also this keyboard shortcut of ‘backspace’ which will achieves the same effect as this “Up” button (as far as i recall – in explorer, windows explorer, firefox and even chrome) – but not everyone are die hard fans of keyboard shortcuts.

So – without any further ado, I wanted the same button for google chrome. Well, until google chrome 2 is out, I decided to make this little neat and quick bookmarklet for chrome 1. It’s not a FULL breadcrumb – but, I am considering extending it to a full breadcrumbs feature (as in vista’s new file explorer OR windows media player little panel for moving between the videos and music).

Just drag the ‘^Up’ link below to your bookmarks bar and you’re good to go. If you are not sure of this dragging thing, check out the screenshot in my google bookmarks bookmarklet for chrome post.

And for the FULL breadcrumbs bookmarklet – I have a little poll here and i’ll appreciate your will:
[poll id=”2″]

The Up breadcrumbs bookmarklet