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Google Chrome and Google Bookmarks [bookmarklet]

Hello google chrome users.
I’ve altered google’s bookmarklet of bookmarks to open google bookmarks in a pop window.
what is it good for?
If you want to integrate google’s new browser – chrome, with google bookmarks – this bookmarlet / “chrome extension” / “chrome plugin” – for you.

This bookmarklet is also an integration of google chrome and google notebook – thanks to the link placed in google bookmarks page.

How to use Chrome Bookmarks (“plugin”):

  • Just drag this link to your bookmarks.
  • when you have found your bookmark, drag and drop the link of the bookmark to the main window of Chrome.
  • Google Bookmarks Page bookmarklet Install Instructions:

    Just Click and Drag this Open Google Bookmarks Page – Bookmarklet to your Google Chrome bookmarks toolbar when you see a black pipe (as shown in the screenshot below) in the toolbar. It will create a button/bookmark of which – you can click and it will open google bookmarks page in a small pop up where you can search and do all operations you want on your google bookmarks.
    In order to open a certain bookmark in your chrome, just drag and drop your selected link to your chrome – it will open it automatically upon drop.

    Drag the link to the bookmarks toolabr until you see this line - than drop it.

    you might also want try my google translate in a pop up bookmarklet – which opens in a pop-up window as well and translating the selected text on a current page.
    I also suggest to try the Up breadcrumbs bookmarklet for google chrome for better exploring a website.