Angular 2 Final Version Is Live – Resource: Start With Ngrx Tools

It’s official – Angular version 2.0.0 is live. It’s been a long ride until the official announcement, and so until then, we had the chance to experiment with it, learn appropriate best practices and common solutions and sharing knowledge as a community.

I’ve started experimenting with Angular 2 since the alpha versions. I started exploring its api even before by creating an npm module for writing an angular 1 component with angular 2 ES5 api.

However, I experimented with angular 2 in depth by embracing reactive programming with the rxjs patterns and the awesome ngrx project – and eventually shared my insights in my blog and on github.

Where can I start?

I recommend starting from the official getting started guide at

There’s a huge list of resources at awesome-angular repository and another list on angular-education repository.

Aside from that, here is a list of articles that I wrote up until now.

Be sure to checkout my open source live project, Echoes Player – which I converted from angular 1 (production app) to angular 2.

Prepare Angular 1 Code To Angular 2

Convert Angular 1 Code To Angular 2

Adding Ngrx (Redux) To Angular 2

Common Practices