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  • Angular 2 Final Version Is Live – Resource: Start With Ngrx Tools

    It’s official – Angular version 2.0.0 is live. It’s been a long ride until the official announcement, and so until then, we had the chance to experiment with it, learn appropriate best practices and common solutions and sharing knowledge as a community. I’ve started experimenting with Angular (+2) since the alpha versions. I started exploring its […]

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  • Angular (2+), Ngrx/Store & Ngrx/Effects – Intro To Functional Approach For A Chain Of Actions

    The Ngrx projects adds functional approach to various interesting architectural implementations. I wrote about my experience with storing data using ngrx/store and testing this approach in Angular (+2) based app. Since then, I’ve had the chance of exploring this land of ngrx further more. I’ve found ngrx/effects to be an elegant and quite functional solution for expressing […]