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  • Decluttering Your Web Application Using angular.js & grunt.js – Part 1

    Developing a well structured application wasn’t so straight forward for me when I started. Sure, using Backbone.js, angular.js, require.js contributed some benefits. Overtime, I stepped into automation with grunt.js. I discovered the true beauty in structuring and organising any code base to be modular enough – so both development & production will fit to my […]

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  • Backbone.View Patterns – rendering a collection

    Backbone.View doesn’t implement the “render” method. According to Backbone’s Documentation: “Backbone is agnostic with respect to your preferred method of HTML templating”. So, when it comes to rendering a collection of items (or simply, a backbone collection), there’s a need to implement a method for it. In this post, I’m sharing the best practices I […]