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Angular (2, 4 and above) Article Series

Reusing ngrx/effects in Angular (communicating between reducers)
After upgrading my open source project, “Echoes Player“, to work with the latest stable angular-cli 1.0 version (wrote an article
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Guidelines For developing with Angular, ngrx/store, ngrx/effects & AOT
With angular-cli tool entering RC-1, I decided to start migrating my open source project “Echoes Player” from angular class boilerplate.
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Lessons Learned from Creating A Typeahead With RxJs And Angular (2+)
Following recent articles on development of Echoes Player, my open source media player built with angular (v2), I really wanted
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Simple Action Creators for ngrx/store in Angular (2+)
In the development of Echoes Player (ng2 version),  I’m using ngrx/store for state management and ngrx/effects for logics with side effects.
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Stepping Into The Next Level With RxJs In Angular (2+)
Since I started developing the new version of Echoes with angular 2, I was vey interested in taking advantage of
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Angular (2+): From Services To Reactive Effects With Ngrx/Effects
In a former article, I wrote an introduction for integrating ngrx/effects with angular 2 – a functional approach for reacting to
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Angular 2 Final Version Is Live – Resource: Start With Ngrx Tools
It’s official – Angular version 2.0.0 is live. It’s been a long ride until the official announcement, and so until then,
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Angular (2+), Ngrx/Store & Ngrx/Effects – Intro To Functional Approach For A Chain Of Actions
The Ngrx projects adds functional approach to various interesting architectural implementations. I wrote about my experience with storing data using
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Angular (2+) NgZone Intro – The new “scope.apply”
Adding youtube player and google sign-in features to the echoes player version that I started developed with angular 2 was
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Angular (2+) – Communication Between Components & Components Design
In the last article, I added the ability to play a media in Echoes Player. I introduced a new reducer
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Adding Redux with NgRx/store to Angular (2+) – Part 2 (Testing Reducers)
In my recent article about adding redux with ngrx/store to angular2, I showed a nice example of integrating this awesome
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Angular (2+) & NgRx/store: The NgModel In Between Use Case (from Angular 1)
In the recent article, I integrated ngrx/store as a redux implementation to Echoes Player. Until this article, the search was
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Adding Redux with NgRx/Store to Angular (2+) – Part 1
The recent trend in state management has rise thanks to the popular library – Redux. I was very interested in
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Angular (2+): Attribute @Directive() & Creating An Infinite Scroll Directive
In the recent article, I used the new “ng-repeat” in angular 2, “NgFor“, and created component that consumes other custom component. In
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From Angular 1.x ng-repeat to Angular (2+) NgFor with Component
In the recent article, I wrote about the migration process of a component that is based on angular 1.x and
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Migrating A Component To Angular (2+): From Angular 1.x & Es2015
Following Echoes Player article series about angular & ES2015, I decided to develop this project with angular2. I intend to write
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From Angular ES5 Directive To Angular ES2015 Component (ES6)
Recently, I started refactoring Echoes Player, my open source project, from angular ES5 to angular 1 with ES2015 (former ES6). I’m
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Angular (2+): To Typescript or To ES5?
…that is the question. Aside from migrating angular 1.x code to angular 2 using few steps, i’ve been playing around with
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3 More Steps To Prepare Your Angular 1 Code To Angular (2+)
Angular 2 Beta has been released just a few days ago. The most significant announcement with this beta is that the
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5 Steps To Prepare Your Angular 1.x Code To Angular (2+)
I’ve been playing around with angular 2 (alpha v 0.46 now) lately. At first, it seemed strange and totally different
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