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Oren Farhi

Senior Front End Engineer & Javascript Consultant, CEO

I believe in producing easy maintainable code for applications. Today, I lead Orizens in consulting to companies and startups on how to approach code in their projects and keep it maintainable.
We provide project bootstrapping and development remotely – while afterwards, we integrate it on site and guide the team on it.
When consulting and developing, we follow 4 simple principles:
– seeing the code as a reactive system
– implementing best practices of software architecture
– creating modular & testable code
– keeping code and app structure organized to let other developers easily understand and further extend it.
I’m the author of “Reactive Programming with Angular and ngrx”

Published on June, 2017

Companion Page Of The Book

Open Source Projects

I’m using Github to start open source projects as well as collaborate on existing ones.

angular2to1 npm package
Backbone.Safe Local Stroage Extension
gulp-dogen – automated task maker for module templates
and others.

Open Source Apps

Echoes Player – Media Player Web application
Echoes Chrome App