Decluttering your Gruntfile.js (organizing grunt)

March 11, 2014, Oren Farhi


Grunt.js is a great javascript task runner. It helps you to be more productive and automate various tasks for development, testing and production.

Once you get how it works, Grunt is quite easy, and like myself, you start to look for new modules to automate any task in the project you’re working on. In this post I want to share how I organize my Gruntfile and its grunt configuration so it can be more maintainable. (level: intermediate)

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How To Use Git in Bitbucket and get Free Private Repositories

November 10, 2013, Oren Farhi


I mostly use git & github for my projects. Git is very useful, easy to learn and handle. Github is great for cloud repositories, has very clean and useful user interface while adding useful features like: wiki, team collaboration, issues system, cloude ide to edit files and more.
Private repositories in Github aren’t free. However, there’s a way to enjoy git with having free private repositories using bitbucket – setup is quite easy. Read the rest of this entry »

Integrating Backbone.View, Backbone.Model & jQuery plugin

July 24, 2013, Oren Farhi


One of the most required features for Echoes Player was auto complete for the search box. After reviewing few plugins, I decided to use jqueryui auto complete plugin, as jquery-ui has been already integrated and loaded to echoes.
The challenge was integrating it seamlessly with Echoes Backbone.Model and the Backbone.View that manages the search view.
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Backbone.js for large scale applications – UI Architecture

May 12, 2013, Oren Farhi


In my early days as a developer, even before Backbone.js was released, I was eager to learn about good conventions and best practices for organizing code and workflows.
I knew that somewhere, someone managed to recognize a good pattern that will scale in maintainable code, reusable pieces of code and a good & solid “framework” to place this code.
Overtime, I read few articles & watched several talks about software architecture that are relevant to front end development. In this post, I’m covering a journey I had (and still have) with some of the above as well as the overall front end architecture concept behind my latest project Echoes Media Center along with Backbone.js methodology.
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