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  • Upgrading to Angular 5: Using HttpClient, JSONP with parameters

    Angular released version 5 – deprecating the old http module “@angular/http” with the replacement of “@angular/common/http“. Along with the http module, the jsonp module was also deprecated in favor of a better replacement which is included with the new HttpClient. The usage of jsonp is a little bit different with this version. My open source […]

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  • Lessons Learned from Creating A Typeahead With RxJs And Angular (2+)

    Following recent articles on development of Echoes Player, my open source media player built with Angular (+2), I really wanted to implement a typeahead feature for this version. There are some great ng2-typeahead out-there (available in npm), however, I wanted to take this opportunity to built something from scratch – exploring deeper concepts in Angular […]