Decluttering Your Web Application Using angular.js & grunt.js – Part 1

May 20, 2014, Oren Farhi

my mac and sublime

Developing a well structured application wasn’t so straight forward for me when I started. Sure, using Backbone.js, angular.js, require.js contributed some benefits. Overtime, I stepped into automation with grunt.js. I discovered the true beauty in structuring and organising any code base to be modular enough – so both development & production will fit to my coding lifestyle.

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Decluttering your Gruntfile.js (organizing grunt)

March 11, 2014, Oren Farhi


Grunt.js is a great javascript task runner. It helps you to be more productive and automate various tasks for development, testing and production.

Once you get how it works, Grunt is quite easy, and like myself, you start to look for new modules to automate any task in the project you’re working on. In this post I want to share how I organize my Gruntfile and its grunt configuration so it can be more maintainable. (level: intermediate)

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How To Use Git in Bitbucket and get Free Private Repositories

November 10, 2013, Oren Farhi


I mostly use git & github for my projects. Git is very useful, easy to learn and handle. Github is great for cloud repositories, has very clean and useful user interface while adding useful features like: wiki, team collaboration, issues system, cloude ide to edit files and more.
Private repositories in Github aren’t free. However, there’s a way to enjoy git with having free private repositories using bitbucket – setup is quite easy. Read the rest of this entry »